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Huda launches new party BMP to press for polls
Nazmul Huda

Huda launches new party BMP to press for polls

Barrister Nazmul Huda on Saturday floated his latest political party – named the Bangladesh Manabadhikar Party (BMP).
“BMP will act as a driving force of the Bangladesh National Alliance (BNA) and they will work together,” he said, adding that BMP will take shape within a month.
Huda, who served as communications as well as information minister under BNP-led government, made the announcement at a press conference at his Topkana Road legal chamber.Also the chair of BNA – an obscure, group that has failed so far to create any political footprint – Huda said the new party would compel the government to announce national election by mobilising people “not through violence and atrocities”, and supposedly after riding this wave all the way to toppling the Awami League, establish a true pro-people government as all power belongs to the people of the country.
Replying to a question as to whether there is any possibility of returning to the BNP fold – of which he was a stalwart till his expulsion in 2007, Huda said, “I don’t want to be a part to ill-politics. I’ve decided to change my decision joining BNP as it has chosen the course of violence and atrocity in the name of politics rather than a peaceful movement.”
Referring to the current street movement of BNP for realising early national election under a caretaker government, Huda said, “I don’t think there is a necessity to take the people to streets. It’s possible to put an end to the problem by creating pressure and through peaceful dialogue.”
How much of that Huda himself believes is questionable.
Criticising his former party for its series of mistakes ‘one-after-another’ during the current regime, Huda said, “It would not be mistaken if I say BNP has snatched away the voting rights of the people through its political debacle.”
Claiming himself one of the founders of BNP, Huda said, “I have a weakness towards BNP, but that does not mean I have to remain dependent on it always to fulfill my political commitment.”
On whether he would join the ruling Awami League-led coalition government, Huda said, “I hope the ruling grand alliance will join us.”
.On June, 6, 2012, Huda resigned from BNP in protest against party chief Khaleda Zia’s ‘failure’ to engage in talks with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as per her proposal.
Later, he floated the Bangladesh Nationalist Front (BNF) with some mid-level BNP leaders. But on March 11 in 2013, the BNF relieved him of the post of its convener for his ‘anti-party’ activities.
Then Nazmul Huda formed another new political platform named BNA on May 7, this year and made himself its chairman. – UNB