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Custodial death in Narsingdi: Rights body demands fair, neutral probe

GreenWatch Desk Human rights 2022-11-11, 11:13pm


Expressing deep concern over the death of a man in police custody in Narsingdi, Manabadhiker Songskriti Foundation (Foundation for Human Rights & Culture), a human rights organisation, demanded a fair and neutral probe over the incident.    

It is the duty of police to ensure security to people under their custody. MSF, a vehicle founded by rights icon Sultana Kamal after she left the Ain o Salish Kendra (ASK), is demanding legal steps against those involved in the killing after the fair probe,” said a press release of MSF issued on Friday.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, police recovered the hanging body of the accused, Sujan Mia, from the washroom of Raipura police station on Wednesday. The body was found hanging from the ventilator of the washroom, with the shirt he wore.            

Sujan Mia, son of Majibur Rahman of Raipura municipal area, allegedly stabbed and killed his wife, Lovely Akhter, on November 5. He was later arrested from the Atroshi area in Faridpur sadar upazila and remanded for two days.  

The MSF release said the statements about the death of the accused cannot be credible in any way. It is being said his body was recovered from the washroom. Many people are kept detained there. So, it is quite impossible that nobody will notice such a serious incident.

Though the district police formed the three-member probe body, the concerned authorities will have to be cautious to ensure the fair investigation.

As per the constitution, the state is responsible for protecting the detained accused in custody. Therefore, legal action will have to be taken promptly against the persons responsible after the fair investigation is carried out, the MSF demanded, reports UNB.