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IEDCR for info on hotel boarders from virus-hit countries
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IEDCR for info on hotel boarders from virus-hit countries

Dhaka, March 03 – Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) has urged hotels to inform if foreign nationals from corona-hit countries check into their rooms. The institute has also urged private hospitals to set up separate coronavirus unit as a precaution if the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) hits the country.
IEDCR Director Professor Dr Meerjady Sabrina Flora urges these during a regular press briefing at the institute in the capital yesterday.
Meanwhile, Health Minister Zahid Maleque said that though there have not been found any coronavirus infected, we have taken appropriate measures for preventing and treating the virus. There is nothing to panic about and all medical measures have been taken, he said.
The minister said that while talking to the reporters at a press briefing on coronavirus and dengue at the secretariat.
He also suggested people not to make unnecessary foreign trips as deadly novel coronavirus has spread to 60 countries across the globe. “It’s preferable to avoid unnecessary tours to foreign countries as coronavirus has spread to more than 60 countries of the world…many international events have been cancelled for this,” he said.
The minister came up with the suggestion while talking to the reporters at a press briefing on coronavirus and dengue at the secretariat.
“So far more than four lakh nationals have been screened through various gateways (airports, land and seaports). Hundreds of people suspected of having the virus have been tested and their saliva also have been collected. COVID-19 was not found in any of their bodies,” he said by adding that “there was nothing to fear if found a patient with coronavirus.”
Meanwhile, At IEDCR, the director of the institute Dr Meerjady Sabrina Flora said, “The hotel authorities are requested to inform the IEDCR about foreign nationals’ arrival. However, it is also clearly stated that those who are coming, are not infected with the coronavirus. So, hotel authorities are also requested to be careful not to disrespect any foreigners. Residential hotels in Dhaka have already been instructed,” she said.
“Most of the foreign nationals prefer to receive medical treatment at private hospitals. Therefore, it is important to remain prepared with all necessary measures,” she added.
The hospital authorities are requested to inform IEDCR about foreign nationals’ arrival, she added.
“Though no coronavirus infections have so far been detected in the country, we have to be prepared with all necessary measures to battle the virus,” she confirmed.
“There are currently five patients isolation units in Bangladesh for the Covid-19 test. They are all well. They all are in isolation as an extra precaution. So far we have tested 96 samples. In that, three samples have been tested in the last 24 hours. Although the virus was not found in anyone,” she said.
“Whenever we suspect a patient or whenever we have a phone call, he/she has symptoms, we send him to the hospital without delay, Collect samples, test them, and then release them if not have any virus found,” The directed said.
IEDCR also advised people to avoid close personal contacts such as touching, hugging and shaking hands to prevent the coronavirus spread in the country. – Staff Reporter