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Integrity not practiced properly for lack of will: TIB

Integrity not practiced properly for lack of will: TIB

Dhaka, June 23 – Exercise of integrity is not done properly due to lack of political willingness which creates obstacles to prevent corruption, the establishment of good governance and accountability.
Despite hiking allowances and salaries of the public servants—but corruption is not reduced at the expected level.
The transparency international Bangladesh (TIB) disclosed this while releasing a research report on ‘integrity in public administration: policy and practice’ at the city’s Midas centre yesterday.
According to a TIB report, there is no sig, in reality,y to increase integrity exercise despite providing incentives in government agencies.
Though the government has increased salaries and allowances for the public servants—but corruption is not reduced, the report said.
“The government officials are using vehicles from the transport pool instead of using their own cars despite providing facilities to them by the government,” the report stated.
According to the TIB report, disappointment is increasing in public services due to discrepancies of facilities in various cadres.
However, the TIB report placed nine-point recommendations to resolve these problems.
According to the report, as per public administration integrity policy, the government officials have to submit their wealth statements annually—but they don’t do it.
There were decisions to appoint officials and employees in vacant posts on a regular basis in every year—but 23 per cent posts are vacant due to procrastination, the report said.
As per TIB report, 27 per cent posts for senior assistant or equivalent and 29 per cent posts for assistant secretary or equivalent are vacant due to long appointment process.
The contractual appoint has increased in recent days, the report stated, adding, such appointments are done on the will of ruling government.
The report also said that the members of the selection board are misusing of power in giving promotion of the public servants.
Such promotions are giving priority on the basis of detective reports and political ideology where financial matters are also linked in getting promotion, the report said.
The officials who don’t belief on ruling party ideology are included their names in the list of OSD (Officer on Special Duty), the TIB report said, adding that the selection board even don’t consider the score of training in case of promotion of the public servants.
“The exercise of integrity in public administration is implemented very few in some areas—but it is ignored in many places. Many high officials of the government has disappointed for creation of discrepancies,” TIB executive director Dr Iftekharuzzamn told reporters after placing the research report.
He said only facilities of the public servants have ensured out of 11 integrity strategy.
Among others, senior programme manager of research and policy Shahazada M Akram, executive management advisor of TIB Professor Sumaya Khair and director of research and policy Rafiqul Hassan were present during releasing the report. – Staff Reporter