Tuesday , March 31 2020
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Jovan, Farin now in ‘Cholo Na Harai’
Jovan, Farin in ‘Cholo Na Harai’

Jovan, Farin now in ‘Cholo Na Harai’

No one can predict how a blind love could take anybody to anywhere at any time. Recently, such an incident has taken place in life of the popular characters in mini screen– actor Farhan Ahmed Jovan and actress Tasnia Farin.

Falling into love to each other, Jovan and Farin dreamt of starting conjugal life. But, Jovan’s elder brother emerged as an obstacle before them. In the night of their marriage, Jovan’s elder brother ousts them from home. Taking is as their destiny, they started to live in a single-room flat in the city. However, severe financial crisis makes everything tough for them.
Their love story, however, began centering a motorbike racing game. Despite being a popular motorbike racer, Jovan wanted to come out of this gambling world. But, he was forced to go back there due to financial problems, and a misunderstanding started to grow between Jovan and Farin. Gradually, the plot turns to a new direction.
Written by Kabbo Hasan, Director Hasan Rezaul has made the love story titled ‘Cholo Na Harai’ where viewers would watch a reality of life gripped with the conflict of belief and disbelief.
The drama would be on air on Nagorik TV at 10:30pm on January 31 and on Bongo apps from February 1.