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‘Kashmir India’s problem, action if anybody makes an issue’
Rab DG Benazir Ahmed

‘Kashmir India’s problem, action if anybody makes an issue’

Dhaka, Aug 09 – The issue surrounding Kashmir is India’s internal problem so if any quarter in Bangladesh is trying to create an issue out of it then the government will take drastic measures, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Director General (DG) Benazir Ahmed said yesterday.He said that while replying a query to a journalist during a media briefing organized at the RAB media center at Karwan Bazar in the capital. The briefing was organized to talk about the security measures taken ahead of the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha.
When asked whether fundamentalism inside could rise again inside Bangladesh centering Kashmir issue, Benazir said, Kasmir problem is India’s internal problem and we have no comment on this. “We don’t have a huge number of ultra Islamist in our country. Those who reside here are under our 24/7 surveillance.”
He said, “The issue which is not related with our own country shouldn’t be a matter of concern by any individual. But if anyone tries to create anarchy, we will take appropriate measure against him.”
Asked about the disappearance of former RAB-1 captain (CO) Hasinur Rahman, he said many people were not found, not only in Bangladesh, but also in America, Britain, Europe, people are missing. Not finding one does not mean failure of any force.
On august 7, last year former commanding officer of RAB was allegedly picked up on from his home near the capital’s Mirpur DOHS area by some men claiming to be detectives.
Lt Col Hasinur Rahman, who was also in the army (sacked), was allegedly picked up by plainclothes men when he was on his way home after meeting his friends, his wife Shamima Akhter said that time.
Shamima filed a general diary with Pallabi Police station seeking his safe return. The family also sought Pm intervention to recover the former RAB official.
“There can be many reasons for missing. But we are aware of that. We have contacted with the family members. We are working on this. If anyone has any information let us know,” he mentioned.
Regarding Eid security, RAB boss said, “We have two big events ahead: Eid-ul-Azha and August 15th. There are separate security plans for Eid. Accordingly, the entire plan is being implemented”.
This year along with other security arrangements, cattle huts are the other main issue. RAB has been working all over the country to ensure the safety of the buyers and sellers in the hut. The RAB has been working to prevent the activities of the fake money and doping gang members.
The RAB is monitoring the security of each bus-launch terminal and train station to ease the travel hassle. However, many roads and railways have been damaged this time due to floods in the northern part. Due to that, there is a slow pace of traffic. However, we are working to keep the Eid journey as normal as possible.
RAB Dg said they have identified 42 accidental areas on highways across the country. We have to be careful not to repeat the accident in those places.
We will have CCTV monitoring for security of all important Eidgahs, including National Eidgahs, swiping through the Dog Squad.
The challenge will not be difficult if everyone is aware of dengue at the individual level. It is possible to solve the problem only if everyone keeps their own house clean.
In each of the RAB battalions, one is assigned to dengue. He is monitoring the overall issues every day. In each institution, such a person will be responsible for monitoring the matter, he mentioned. – Staff Reporter