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Keeping education undisturbed should be first step towards holding Ducsu polls: VC
Dhaka University

Keeping education undisturbed should be first step towards holding Ducsu polls: VC

Although holding the overdue election to Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (Ducsu) is necessary, the first step towards arranging the polls is to keep the academic activities of the university unharmed, says Vice Chancellor Prof AAMS Arefin Siddique.
“Our primary target is to hold classes and examinations regularly. We want to hold the polls keeping academic activities of the university undisturbed,” he said.“I think it is needed to hold the Ducsu polls. But the university’s desire is not enough to hold the polls or make it functional as many things are involved in the process,” he said.The involvement of student organisations comes naturally when it comes to the Ducsu election, the VC said adding that the leadership of the student organisations has reached such a level that regular students are not available in the leadership position.“Either the studentship of the leaders ended long ago or they are not the students of the university at all. This is why it’s not possible to hold the election though it’s in our consideration. We don’t want the DU educational activities to get hampered for holding the polls,” he added.“The main political parties with which the student organisations are associated have to come forward in this regard,” said the VC. Prof Arefin Siddique, also a professor of Journalism department, said the university authorities are mindful so that the extracurricular activities of the students are not hampered for the absence of Ducsu, once considered as the hub of budding politicians. “The university students themselves establish organisations on their own through which they get involved in extracurricular activities.” The university established Ducsu in 1924, aiming to promote common cultural activities within the university and foster the spirit of cooperation among the students of different halls. The last Ducsu election was held in 1990 and there has been no election to the students’ body since then. About his success in removing session jam problem from the university, Prof Arefin Siddique said, “Session jam at the DU is a matter of past…now there’s nothing like session jam here. Once it used to take seven years to complete a four-year honours course.” This has been possible for the united efforts of teachers, students, officials and employees of the university, the VC said adding, “I think it’s possible to overcome problems like session jam if classes and examinations can be held regularly defying all odds, even if it is hartal,” the VC suggested. –UNB, Dhaka