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Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner: For crazy surgical extremes to get slim?!

Kim Kardashian, Kris Jenner: For crazy surgical extremes to get slim?!

by Naomi Lane
In the nuttiest double-whammy, mother-daughter rumor news today, Kim Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner are resorting to drastic measures to get thin, according to Radar Online.
Kim has discussed her struggles to lose weight after giving birth last December, but apparently she just couldn’t wait any longer.
The mom of North and Saint decided to address the issue with… a trip to the dentist.

“Knowing she’d have to make an appearance at Kanye‘s fashion show recently, Kim needed a quick fix,” a source told the site.
“So she had her cosmetic dentist pull two teeth in the back of her mouth, which she believes makes her cheeks narrower and slims her face!”
So, what happens when she actually does lose the weight? She’ll just pull off the Skeletor look for the rest of her life?
Oh, but that’s not all.
Radar also alleges that mama Kris, who has reportedly been trying to shed some pounds herself, is going straight for the stomach staple.
“She wants to fix the two things that are literally weighing her down — booze and food,” says a source.
“Even though this is an extreme operation for someone Kris’ age, she’s convinced a gastric band is the best and fastest way to get back into shape.”
Listen, a Kardashian having her body surgically manipulated in order to look good certainly isn’t out of the question, and we know they’ve done it in the past.
Still, these rumors sound a bit dubious, even for these two.
After all, they both have access to the best trainers and healthy chefs, and if all else fails, they could always turn to Blac Chyna to help them out.
That’s right, we said it.
Blac has helped Kim’s brother Rob shed a whopping 40 pounds since they started dating. If she can work that kind of magic, maybe Kris and Kim wouldn’t mind burying the hatchet with the family’s mortal enemy if it meant regaining their hot bods?
Yeah, we know. That’ll be the day. – Hollywood gossip via Google