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Koler Putul in Eid TV plans

Koler Putul in Eid TV plans

Cultural Correspondent
Koler Putul will get its world premiere on TV. Channel i will telecast the cinema on the day of Eid-ul-Fitr at 2.30pm. Inspired by Agatha Christie’s crime novels director Aka Reza Ghalib tried his hands on something new. The film was released on March 30 in six cinema halls in the country. In terms of genres the film is a thriller to be more particular a sub-genre of thriller, psychological thriller.
Starring veterans like Raisul Islam Asad, Lutfor Rahman George and of course the favourites Ferdous, Jannatun Noor, Bithi Rani Saha among others- the film certainly has not opted to back down in terms of powerful acting.
In the psychological thriller a group of eleven tourists select a remote hilly area in the hill tracts for travelling. The area is a death valley not only to travelers but also to locals. Still the eleven in their daring adventure flock to the place devoid of internet connection. There they find a single habitation that of a house belonging to Harun-ur-Rashid. A member from the local minority community attends to them with teas and others. As such instead of Harun-ur-Rashid a video suddenly comes up to greet them and convicting each and every one of them. Suddenly all the members start becoming victims of ‘murder.’
“The film has a very peculiar ending, a sort of an open-ended ending”, said Aka Reza Ghalib while speaking to this correspondent. But Ghalib’s one intends to send a relatable socio-political message that seems too obvious if expressed through other genres. About filming he selected localities in Bandarban. The locations according to him are also pretty much desolate like the one shown in the film.