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Important things to take with to go out on a Rainy Day

News Desk Life 2023-09-23, 12:20pm


None of us can reverse or stop the rain. So we must take precautions to avoid rain.

Rainy season is going on. Right now, it's difficult to comprehend the sky's condition that whether it will rain or not. Sky suddenly becomes gloomy, and soon it looks all okay. But in the monsoons if you are not careful when you go out, this mischief of the sky can put you in danger.

Because if you are a little unaware, the rain will soak everything you have, the things with you may also be damaged. None of us can reverse or stop the rain. So we must take precautions to avoid rain. Let's know the precautions that must be followed before leaving the house on a rainy day.



The weather on rainy days is a bit gloomy. So many people prefer cotton clothes to wear at home. Clothes that dry easily should be worn on rainy days. Cotton does not dry easily. You should wear clothes with which you can move comfortably in the rain. But for going out, it is better to wear georgette, which is easy to wash, dries quickly even when wet. And in the case of clothes, it is better to wear synthetic fabrics. The color of the cloth should also be dark. Many people wear blue combination clothes. Blue is associated with monsoons. Mud stains on clothes are easily removed, and even when wet, they do not stick to the skin. Magenta, purple, red, dark green, yellow colors are perfect for rainy season. In monsoon, many people choose western clothes instead of traditional clothes. No matter what you wear, long clothes are more likely to get wet when moving.


Umbrella is a constant companion to escape from sudden rain. And that's why if you keep the folding umbrella with you, you can use it again as needed. Umbrellas not only protect us from the rain, umbrellas can make you more fashionable. There are many different colors and types of umbrellas available these days. We are not used to using umbrellas regularly, so chances of losing umbrellas are high. It is better to buy more than one umbrella, it will be better if you buy umbrellas of other colors or a mixture of different colors except black umbrellas. Looking at the size, you should buy umbrellas that are easy to carry.


Umbrella is not the only thing that can protect us from rain. In particular, umbrellas cannot protect any part of your body from the rain except your upper body. In that case, having a raincoat with you will save you from that unwanted situation. Raincoat is an essential wear. This raincoat can make you more fashionable if you buy with a little care. Many of us are not used to wearing raincoats, but still need to wear them. So those who are not used to it wear whatever color and style they feel comfortable wearing. Those who are used to it can wear a slightly brighter color. Buy raincoats for kids too. Not only colorful, but various cartoon raincoats are available at your doorsteps.


Shoes are susceptible to damage from rainwater, so stock up on a variety of shoes. Plastic or non-leather shoes are fine. Different types of plastic shoes for monsoons are available everywhere. It should be noticed that shoes are suitable for monsoons. Belted shoes on rainy days are less likely to come off in the middle of the street and can be walked comfortably. Shoes should be worn so that they do not stick to mud, and do not spoil even when wet. It is best to use waterproof shoes for this period. Again, care should be taken so that mud does not spill due to shoes.


Without a bag it is impossible to go outside. If you use a slightly larger bag during the rain, you can go out with an umbrella and raincoat. It is best to refrain from using anything made of leather as long as it is raining. The less a piece of cloth is used, the better. With a little searching, quality and personalized plastic bags can also be found.