Local, int’l group behind Gulshan hostage crisis: Hasina

Local, int’l group behind Gulshan hostage crisis: Hasina


The prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, on Saturday reaffirmed her firm determination to resist conspirators rallying countrymen’s support as she made a nationwide televised address, hours after the end of the hostage episode.”We will resist the conspirators’ plot at any cost taking with us the countrymen… we would establish Bangladesh as a peaceful country by rooting out terrorism In Sha Allah,” she said in her address to the nation Saturday evening.The premier added: “The peace-loving people won’t allow any evil design of the conspirators to be executed.”Sheikh Hasina urged the people to keep confidence in the government saying “we are determined to protect Bangladesh’s independence and sovereignty earned in exchange for blood of three million martyrs and honour of two lakh women and sisters”.”No conspiracy will thwart our advancement,” she said.

Sheikh Hasina issued a clarion call urging people to be united to ward off a handful derailed terrorists.”I’m making a fervent appeal to all to face terrorism by involving the anti-terrorism committees, community police and the general people at district and upazila levels,” she said.Sheikh Hasina questioned tender-aged youths who preferred to choose the path of darkness alongside those who were derailing them what they actually want to achieve by killing people.”What you want to achieve by killing people? Islam is the religion of peace. Stop killing people in the name Islam … don’t pollute the holy religion. Come back to the right track and uphold the dignity of Islam,” she said.The prime minister simultaneously called upon the guardians to ensure their proper teachings. “Keep a watch that they don’t go to the wrong path,” she said.She urged the countrymen to join their hands to build a safe Bangladesh and Sonar Bangla as dreamt by the Father of the Nation by sinking all differences burying all differences,” she said.The premier said when Bangladesh was set to be established as a dignified and self-reliant country on the world stage, the local and international quarters were out to foil its advancement.”They want to introduce Bangladesh as an ineffective state by keeping innocent people hostage at gunpoint,” she said.
Sheikh Hasina said these elements chose the path of terrorism after failing to win the peoples’ heart.”They are pushing the tender-hearted youths and juveniles to wrong directions in the name of religion … they are killing people by handing them over the weapons,” she said.She, however, did not directly name this time around any organisation, group, outfit, party or country for such conspiracy or the attack itself.Referring to the earlier today’s security assault, the premier said some armed hooligans raided a Gulshan restaurant and took hostage unarmed people at the outlet at gun point and launched a killing spree, just when pious Muslims were preparing to offer their Esha and Tarabih prayers in the holy month of Ramadan.”Their attack denigrated both the religion and humanity . . . such barbaric and cowardly attack in a secular country like Bangladesh is unprecedented,” she said.The premier said soon after receiving the information the government quickly moved to take the situation under control.”Members of police, RAB, BGB and other law enforcement agencies rushed to the scene and launched rescue operation,” she said.
The premier said army, navy and air force commandoes launched an anti-terrorist assault and freed the hostages this morning.”Six assailants were killed on the spot and 13 hostages out of which three were foreigners were rescued unhurt,” she said.Sheikh Hasina thanked police, RAB, BGB, army, air force, navy, fire service and other forces for taking part in the operation.”I also express my gratitude to the world leaders who expressed their solidarity and union with us,” she said.The prime minister said the assault claimed lives of two members of police force and injured several others.|”I’m offering my prayers for salvation of the departed souls and conveying my profound sympathy to the bereaved family members … I also pray for early recovery of the persons sustained injuries during the attack,” she said.


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