Tuesday , March 31 2020
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Main challenge is to make road communication disciplined: Obaidul Quader
Awami League General Secretary Obaidul Quader.

Main challenge is to make road communication disciplined: Obaidul Quader

Minister for road communication and bridge Obaidul Quader on Sunday noon in Barisal said that we have successfully overcame the main challenges like construction Padma Bridge, Elevated Expressway, Metrorail under this ministry by the successful leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.
Now the challenge against me is to make road communication disciplined. The undisciplined road communication sector often happening fatal accidents, making intolerable traffic jams, the minister told.The minister making stopover at Barisal on way to return capital from Najirpur of Pirojpur told these while visiting proposed site of Barisal central bus terminal and under construction road expansion works at Goriarpar on Sunday noon.Lawmakers and leaders of ruling AL, officials of district and police administrations, roads and highways accompanied the mister during the visit.Replying questions of journalists the communication minister told tender for Metrorail would be called on next month and works of elevated expressway started in last month.The minister denying making any comment about the recent activities of BCL said you should not cover the problems of Barisal with politics. Matter of party-discipline should be on the shoulder of the party. It would be internal affairs of the party and here you should not talk about that.About making Barisal-Faridpur highway as four-lane, said as construction of Padma Bridge has been started, so the connecting road links would be developed to four lanes simultaneously and automatically. The minister about his experiences of visiting Barisal city told now this town turned to a city of battery or fuel operated three-wheelers damaging the beauty of city, wasting and misusing electricity by charging batteries, making town unlivable, absolutely unlivable day by day.The communication minister expressing his astonishments said I have heard that although Bangladesh Road Transport Authority only permitted to issue licenses against any mechanized vehicle, but in Barisal not the BRTA, but the Barisal City Corporation giving licenses to those three wheelers.I have told the chief executive officer of BCC that they never can issue license to any mechanized three wheelers and those vehicles  would never be permitted to run on highway, he added. The drives against the illegal vehicles and unlicensed drivers started from early will continue till the number of accidents and traffic jams would be come tolerable, the minister told.Obaidul Quader further said he has talked with the departments related with road communications and found lack of coordination among them. If those departments would work under coordinated systems then the solutions of checking the plying of illegal transports, unlicensed drivers, traffic jams, and fatal accidents would also be come under control.The communication minister claimed that he often visits the places without any prior notice. Receiving prior information creates crowd, making problem in talking the men liable for performing duty.Barisal Correspondent