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Russian House in Dhaka celebrates Family, Love and Loyalty Day

Staff Reporter, Dhaka Metro 2024-07-10, 1:30pm


Russian House in Dhaka organized an event on July 8, 2024 dedicated to the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity.

Director of the Russian House in Dhaka P. Dvoychenkov said in his opening speech that July 8 is celebrated in Russia as the Day of Family, Love, and Fidelity. Family, home, friends and relatives - all this fills our life with a special meaning, helps to reach great heights, and overcome any adversity. In the family, we learn to love and support each other, share joys and sorrows, take care of the elders and raise children.

For many years, the Day of Family, Love and Fidelity has become one of the most beloved, beautiful and bright family holidays. Today it has gone far beyond the borders of Russia. It is celebrated in 45 countries, our traditions are honored and they know about ancient Murom - the homeland of the patron saints of marriage Peter and Fevronia. He also wished all the couples present harmony, warmth, comfort, love and prosperity.

11 families who had been married for more than 25 years, who set an example of the strength of family foundations, raised children as worthy members of society in a solemn atmosphere, were awarded medals and certificates "For Love and Fidelity". 

In their speeches, the married couples shared the secrets of happiness and the stories of their relationships, emphasizing that a strong family is, first of all, patience, respect and a joint desire to overcome difficulties. 

After the award ceremony, the participants were shown a documentary film "On the Role of Traditional Values in Maintaining Global Stability".

The event was held in a very warm and friendly atmosphere.