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Muhib Khan dreams to fight poverty, graft, terrorism with poetry, song
Mohib Khan

Muhib Khan dreams to fight poverty, graft, terrorism with poetry, song

Muhibbur Rahman Khan (Muhib Khan) is a popular poet, artist, journalist, columnist, TV discussant and presenter. He is adored by every corner irrespective of party and opinion for his liberal Islamic thought and progressive political analysis.
His poems and songs inspire the nation with the zeal of patriotism, humanism, world-peace, communal harmony, and national unity. Many of the well-accepted Bangladeshi national singers like Subir Nandi, Abida Sultana, Shakila Zafar, Ayub Bachchu, Haider Hossen, Konok Chapa, Monir Khan, Momtaz, Agun, Shuvro Dev, Fahmida Nabi have presented songs written and composed by him.

He has also conquered the hearts of millions of fan by singing the Patriotic and ideological songs aired in the electronic media. In his concert in home and in abroad we see the overflowing and spontaneous presence of huge gathering from all walks of life. He has written the famous enthusiastic song titled, ‘Inch Inch Mati’ (Every Inch of motherland)) and composed its melody for the Bangladesh Army. He is the writer and composer of the group song of Bangladesh Ansar and VDP.
He also worked for the first and complete religious TV Channel as the program executive. With a view to motivating the Islamic youth to the education, culture and welfare of the humanity and protecting them from improper culture, superstition, extremism and terrorism, Muhib Khan has established the Islamic Cultural Institute (ICI) Bangladesh.. Islamic Cultural Institute (ICI) Bangladesh provides with training on different subjects relating to culture and literature.
He is a regular artist and discussant in the state run religious organization, The Islamic Foundation. Besides, Muhib Khan has frequently been playing his role as a judge in many national Islamic cultural competitions. Currently he has been working as the editor of the most circulated and widely accepted national weekly ‘Likhoni’.
He has a considerable number of audio and video albums along with some books on literature and philosophy to his credit. Some more albums and books are on the process to be published. Apart from this he has written many articles and column in the national newspapers.
His poetic translation of the holy Qura’an and amazing creation of the sirat album, ‘Daastaan-e-Muhammad’ (a lyric of the life of Prophet Muhammad sm.) are wonderful assets in Bangla literature.
His interview has been published in many newspapers and has been aired in many TV channels like, Channel i, nTV UK, Islamic Television etc.
He has visited England, Malaysia, Saudi Arab, Bahrain etc.
In home and in abroad he is familiar as ‘Jagroto Kobi’ (the vigilant poet). He was adorned with the title of ‘The National Poet of the Muslim Ummah’ in a public reception organized in East London. His well-wishers evaluate him as a modern Islamic scholar, philosopher and political intellectual.
Muhib Khan did his post graduation in Islamic Studies and Political Science. At present he is perusing higher studies in history, philosophy, culture and theology.
We have talked with him on many issues like literature, culture, politics, current world, Islam and Muslim world :-
What reasons have made your poems and songs popular and extensively accepted in your country and abroad?
In my poems and songs, I speak the words of the hearts of good souls of the world. I say the truth and beauty, patriotism and national unity, communal harmony, economic emancipation, justice and political reforms, characteristic development and cultural purification. I recite and sing in favour humanity. All of these are for the sake of well fare of the entire mankind. Good souls also wish for such a world.
We have learnt that some of your poems and songs have got wide spread circulation nationally and they have been highly praised by the viewers. May we know your dream and plan about poem and song?
I want to prove that the poem and song are not only the means of entertainment but also a weapon of truth and humanity against injustice and barbarism. I desire to contribute to maintain peace and stability in the world using the intrinsic force of poem and song. I Dream to Fight against Poverty, Corruption, Injustice and Terrorism with the Weapon of Poem and Song and I think the original purpose of art, culture and literature should be so.
As a poet and as a political analyst what do consider as the causes for ongoing unrest political environment in Bangladesh and burning world?
The ultimate goal of politics should be the well fare of the mankind. Sound political culture is should be practiced for the sake of justice and people’s right. Politics must be free from violence and indiscipline. Political leaders should be more tolerant and honest for that goal. And for a safe and peaceful world the leaders of the world must have the tolerance to adverse opinion. They need to be liberal to honour the nationality and sovereignty of every nation state. Extreme ego, jealousy and aggression can bring nothing other than the fire of war and destruction.
Please tell about Islam and the Muslim of the present world as an Islamic scholar.
Islam has revealed with the mission of salvation and well fare of the humanity by way of establishing peace and justice in the world. The Muslims all over the world should travel with patience and integrity towards the goal. Never and ever there was any nexus between Islam and terrorism. Other people need to keep proper respect and maintain cordial relationship with the Muslims. Real Muslims are the ideal citizen of the world and are precious asset for the humanity.
We would like to conclude with a poem or song of humanity you have written.
‘Immaterial your place and moment of birth/ your work will lead the identity/ Render benevolence, ensure well fare to the mankind irrespectively/ Humanity is great/ Humanity is great/ Humanity is great’
Beside this, I have sang in another song :- ‘If human being die for the crisis of humanity; what to do with politics and religion?’
Thank you for your time with us.
Thank you very much indeed.