New committee for securing domestic artistes

New committee for securing domestic artistes


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Following demands from all related with film fraternity a new committee has been formed to address the issues regarding joint film productions. The new committee will formulate policies for making future joint-productions to preserve the rights of domestic artistes. The new committee has Harun-ur-Rashid, director general of BTV as chief. Representatives of film and TV artistes like Mushfiqur Rahman Gulzar, president o Directors’ Association; actor Syed Hasan Imam; filmmaker Matin Rahman; Misha Sawdagor, president of Actors’ Associtaion; actor Akbar Khan Pathan Faruk, convener of Chalachitra Paribar have also been included in the new committee. Nowshad Ahmed, president of Pradarshak Samity or Hall Owners’ Association is also in it. Other members are Tapan Kumar Ghosh, director general of BFDC and Md Monjurur Rahman, CEO of Television and Film Institute. Md Yusuf Ali Molla is the secretary of the committee.

Joint productions with India have for long been arousing debates regarding fair participation of Bangladeshi artistes and distribution of returns. On July 9 government set out deadline to form a new committee with equal participation of artistes to ensure their rights. Representatives of artistes and filmmakers staged an active movement on June 21 against government officials approving the disproportionate joint productions, sparking widespread debates.


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