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Hasan for projecting country's image properly in foreign media

GreenWatch Desk News media 2022-05-11, 9:50pm


Information and Broadcasting Minister Dr Hassan Mahmud today called upon the representatives of Overseas Correspondents Association Bangladesh (OCAB) to project the country accurately in the foreign media.

Dr Hasan, also the ruling Awami League Joint General Secretary, made the call addressing the 'Meet-the-OCAB', an association of Bangladeshi journalists representing different foreign media in Bangladesh, at Jatiya Press Club here this afternoon.

Describing the OCAB's important role to portray the country in the world media, the minister said the OCAB can expose Bangladesh's overall development before the world as the heads of various international organizations, including the United Nations, heads of state of different countries and the world's media have lauded Bangladesh's unprecedented progress in various fields over the last decade.

On the other hand, Dr Hasan also talked about the role of the Amnesty International, Reporters Without Borders and Transparency International, saying, "Amnesty International, a biased organization talks against Bangladesh, doesn't protest against the killing of innocent Palestinian children by the Israeli army through brushfire responding to the hurling of children's brickbats."

In Bangladesh, he said, BNP-Jamaat alliance killed over 100 people through arson attacks, including hurling petrol bombs, but those organizations did not raise voice, rather they called for halting the trial of war criminals those who committed crimes against humanity, reports BSS.

Through their controversial activities, they have lost their credibility, Dr Hasan added.

Criticizing their activities, the information minister said in Afghanistan women are being killed for reporting, the media has to quit women folk and no opportunity for journalism there, but the 'Reporters Without Borders' has proved that their free media index and reporting are malicious by showing Bangladesh's position behind them.

About Transparency International of Bangladesh (TIB), the minister said at the same time the TIB has already lost its difference with the political party through its statements on all issues.

Replying to a volley of questions, the minister boldly said, "I think the freedom enjoys by the Bangladeshi media is an example for many developing countries. In the UK, if there is a false or untrue report against someone, a lawsuit is filed and the media is fined. An entire BBC team had to resign for broadcasting false news against an MP. Even three months back, many of the BBC had to resign due to a misreporting."