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Every person is entitled to safe housing

Bangladesh needs to remain committed to universal public housing

GreenWatch Desk Op-Ed 2024-05-13, 3:25pm


Bangladesh’s rapid urbanization, coupled with its burgeoning population, means that the demand for affordable housing far outstrips the supply. The reality is that a lack of affordable housing has forced millions to live in overcrowded slums -- with poor sanitation, no tenure security, and oftentimes paying exorbitant rents.

To that end, we commend Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for her prioritization of providing homes to the homeless through the Ashrayan project, which continues to provide homes to the poor and marginalized communities.
Homelessness is not just a humanitarian issue but also a barrier to economic growth and social progress. To address this challenge, Bangladesh needs to remain committed to universal public housing for all its citizens. The program to construct affordable housing units across the country is already there -- now the challenge is to accelerate its impact, ensuring that they provide decent living conditions, with access to basic amenities like clean water, electricity, and sanitation facilities, reports DT.
Providing affordable housing will not only enable low-income families to finally have a safe home, but by allocating more resources towards education, healthcare, and other essential needs, their overall quality of life can be drastically improved. This is the reality we want from Bangladesh -- a land where every citizen leads a dignified life where basic needs such as food and shelter are no longer a concern for citizens.
It bears repeating that providing universal public housing for all is not just a moral imperative but also a strategic investment in our future. By tackling this issue directly, we can unlock our full economic potential and ensure that Bangladesh will indeed be an equitable nation with good quality of life for all of its citizens.