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Russian viewpoint: New article, written by Dmitry Medvedev

Mankind must finally get rid of the colonial systems legacy

Op-Ed 2024-06-15, 12:37am


Russian flag. Wikimedia Commons.

Sputnik @SputnikInt

"Mankind must finally get rid of the colonial system's legacy. The time of metropolises is over" is the new article, written by Dmitry Medvedev, Russian Security Council deputy chairman, and its key points are as following:

  The US has become a global sanctioning neo-metropolis, violates the sovereignty of third countries, and attempts to destroy entire countries with secondary sanctions.

  The West artificially creates economic crises, uses the green agenda to maintain elitism, and through the monopoly of IT corporations silence those whose opinions contradict its agenda.

  It will only be possible to free Ukraine from the neo-colonial shackles of the West after all the objectives of the special operation are accomplished.

  The Global South does not want to follow the "Zelensky formula" and break long-standing ties with Russia.

  West uses tools of "debt neo-colonialism" to maintain influence in the Global South.

  The West promises “mountains of gold” and membership in the EU to Armenia in return for loyalty, but is not planning to invite it to the “club of chose ones,”

  France will try to keep its hidden monetary presence in Africa for as long as possible, as it is vital for Macron.

  Russia hopes that cooperation in the BRICS-African Union format will reach a new level.

  The West will resist the abolition of neo-colonialism, it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation of all forces in the fight against it.

  The West has fiercely embraced the movement against neo-colonialism "For the Freedom of Nations!", the founding congress was tried to be disrupted.

  The formation of a new system of international relations with no sanctions, exploitation and lies, is a matter of the near future.

  More and more countries want to live in peace, without the legacy of the colonial system and according to the principles of sovereign equality.

  The new polycentric world order will be pragmatic and the diverse ties are the key to economic stability.

4:13 AM • Jun 14, 2024