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Asian Games official hit by stray hammer

GreenWatch Desk Other Sports 2023-10-01, 2:53pm


An athletic official at the Asian Games suffered a broken leg after a misthrown hammer hurled by Kuwait's Ali Zankawi hit his leg on Saturday evening.

Huang Qinhua, 62, was sitting on a chair several meters outside the throwing circle when Zankawi aborted an attempt during the Men's Hammer Throw Final at the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

The hammer — a 7.26 kg metal ball on a chain — flew into the protective netting. But instead of stopping, it slammed into the man's right leg.

Huang was seen grimacing and swaying, with blood shooting out of the wound.

A horrified Zankawi rushed over to the man's side and was seen using his hands to help stop Huang's bleeding.

Medical staff soon took over the situation and took Huang away on a stretcher.

Huang's current status
While stable, Huang is set to undergo surgery for his fracture.

"He arrived at the hospital at 8:15 (p.m.), where was diagnosed with a right open tibiofibular fracture," Games spokesman Xu Deqing told a news conference on Sunday.

"Currently his vital signs are stable."

After the incident, Zankawi looked shaken and was seen asking after the official, according to a witness cited by the Reuters news agency.

While there is a protective netting in such athletic setups, it is not equipped to stop a flying metal ball.

The nets are also designed to hang loose to prevent such hammer balls from bouncing back at the athletes after misthrows.

Several people on social media called for better protective measures for athletic officials, reports DW.