Friday , February 28 2020
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PM fears more terror attacks, alerts people

PM fears more terror attacks, alerts people

Apprehending more terror attacks like ones at Gulshan and Sholakia, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday urged all to be more alert and careful. “We’ve had intelligence reports that the terrorists have planned to launch more attacks,” she said. The Prime Minister made the statements while videoconferencing with people from all strata of life from various districts of Chittagong, Sylhet, Barisal and Khulna divisions from her official residence Ganobhaban as part of her programme to create awareness among people against terrorism and militancy. All need to keep in mind that terrorists will not stop here and they have various plans, she said adding, “We’re receiving information from different local and international intelligence agencies.” She asked the law enforcement and intelligence agencies to share their gathered information to resist any possible future attacks. Dhaka, UNB News Agency Reported.
Reminding the atrocities and burning of people to death by BNP-Jamaat activists, she warned all concerned, particularly the police, BGB, Rab and other agencies to remain aware as the culprits would not stop their destructive activities. “They will work taking the militants beside them,” she added.They have plans to carry out more arson attacks and vandalism, Hasina said adding that all concerned will have to look after key installations of the country.As a number of war criminals have already been executed, she said, members of their families are not sitting idle and they are conspiring to launch more devastating attacks. “Many of them are living at home and abroad, they have no scarcity of wealth as they have connections with terrorists at home and abroad. They are patronising militants and terrorists,” Hasina said.

The Prime Minister said it might be seen that they have launched synchronised attacks in 7-8 districts, different important places or installations. “Apart from various installations, they might attack people of different professions and classes,” she added.Talking about the students of renowned schools, colleges and universities who are participating in such heinous and barbaric acts, Hasina regretted that the children of well-off families are moving towards extremism.She also warned that the government will not tolerate any act that threatens the peace and security of people.”We’ll have to ensure peace and security in the country. Killing Muslims by Muslims will only malign the holy religion Islam…this religion is the religion of peace, we won’t tolerate if anyone wants to malign this religion,” she said.

She urged all, irrespective of their professions, to build awareness to resist militancy and terrorism on Bangladesh soil. “Those who unleash killings during namaz (prayers) never believe in Islam, these people will earn hatred only, nothing else,” an irked PM said.Sheikh Hasina said there will be no place in heaven for these people as they will have to find their place in hell.Mentioning that her government always wants to maintain peace in the country, she said Awami League, after forming government, took stern measurers in this regard. “We’ll never allow any terrorism and militancy to take place in Bangladesh,” she warned.At a time when the country’s image is getting brighter across the world, such terror attacks will just tarnish the country’s impression, she said adding, “The intention of these attacks was to blemish Bangladesh’s image, obstruct the country’s advancement and push it towards darkness,” she said.

Elected representatives, government officials, businessmen, College Teacher, Social Worker, Imam of Mosque, Islamic scholars and other professionals took part in the discussions through videoconference from different districts under the four divisions.Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, Prime Minister’s Advisers HT Imam, Dr Toifique-e Elahi Chowdhury, State Minister Biren Sikdar and Imam of Sholakia Eid Jamaat were present during the videoconference. Principal Secretary Abul Kalam Azad moderated the programme.