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‘Thank you’ my teachers

Readers’ corner 2023-10-16, 12:01am


Sir Frank Peters

Teachers’ Appreciation Day 2023 has been and gone, and yet it’s not.

In my opinion Teachers’ Appreciation Day should not be just a single calendar date, but something that occurs all year round, each and every day.

While my school days are well and truly over a host of wonderful memories cascaded in my mind about my own school days after I had read the tribute on GreenWatch by Sir Frank Peters.  A very thoughtful, well-written, and deserving golden accolade to those in the profession.

In his report Sir Frank clearly distinguishes between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ teachers. I’m in total agreement. In my own experience my education was most pleasant, memorable, and enjoyable. I was lucky, thanks be to Allah.

Some of my school friends, however, were not so fortunate and if hell existed on earth, they experienced it to the full. They told me they went through their school years absolutely hating school. One used to wet the bed the night before school re-opened each and every week and nobody knew why at the time.

She dreaded being in the class of a certain teacher whom she described as “evil personified” who was merciless in giving corporal punishment and gave it for any excuse, however trivial. My friend never completed her schooling, she left as soon as she could, her ambitions and career opportunities in ruins.

It is refreshing that someone of the caliber of Sir Frank Peters has constantly been speaking out not only on behalf of the children to protect them, but on behalf of the ‘good’ teachers who no doubt are embarrassed and reviled by misconduct of their ‘bad-minded, bad-behaving’ colleagues that gives them and the profession a bad name. Corporal punishment is inhuman and deplorable.

In conclusion, I thank ALL of the ‘good’ teachers who travelled my road with me giving me understanding, compassion, encouragement and support. In consideration of the corporal punishment evil that still exists in some classrooms today, I wish the honorable Sir Frank Peters every success in his efforts to eliminate it forever. No child should suffer corporal punishment anywhere, anytime and that should be obvious to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who not only controls the education system, but is also a mother.

Yours sincerely,

Nasreen Dewan

Mirpur 1, Dhaka