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Children are innocent, Education Minister, please save them

Readers’ corner 2024-01-22, 10:58pm


Children held a press conference in Kalapara on Saturday 11 Nov 2023.

As a mother of two, (10 and 12) I am an avid reader of reports, recommendations, advice, and hacks that will promote and strengthen our mutual love and respect for each other and ultimately benefit my children in various ways.

My husband and I believe we were truly blessed by Allah when they entered into our lives. We had been trying unsuccessfully to have children for several years, and were about to adopt a child, when our doctor told us the good news.

The love we have for our two boys cannot be said in words. To say they are our everything would be an understatement We do not understand how anyone could hit their child or allow others, such as teachers or imams to hit them.

As there is absolutely no benefit to be gained from the actual abuse, we cannot understand why anyone, who claim to love their children, would do it. Even the thought of giving our children corporal punishment has never entered into our thoughts. It’s such a shame, shocking, and sinful act.

One can only admire and thank Sir Frank Peters for the many years he’s spent trying to combat the ignorance deeply-rooted in our culture and protect the children from assault and battery. He’s the only friend many of them have fighting on their side.

The appalling attitude that some teachers and imams have towards children needs to be replaced with commonsense and compassion wrapped in the love of Allah.

While I have no complaints about how my two boys are being treated, I do sympathize with mothers and children who are far less fortunate.

It almost seems that within hours of Barrister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury Nowfel, MP, being sworn in as Education Minister, Sir Frank was knocking on his front door, asking him to legislate against corporal punishment in all settings and give more protection to the children.

We are in total agreement and want what’s best for Bangladesh.

Yours sincerely,

Ferdous & Ashikur Hossain

Farmgate, Dhaka.