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Valerie Ann Taylor deserves much more

Readers’ corner 2024-02-06, 12:22am


Valerie at CRP HQ, Savar _sir.frank.peters@gmail.com_

Dear Sir

I am a long-time subscriber to the adage, ‘credit where it’s due’.

There is no doubt in my mind that British foreign friend Valerie Ann Taylor, OBE, deserves all the credit and accolades Sir Frank Peters poured upon her in his well-written glowing tribute.

Valerie epitomizes humanitarian excellence, embodying virtues extolled in the scriptures.

A paragon of benevolence, her heart dwarfs even Bangladesh's gold reserves. As an octogenarian physiotherapist, philanthropist, and adoptive 'mother' to two differently-abled girls, she shuns accolades thrust upon her and redirects praise to her global 'family.'

Her brainchild, the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed (CRP) located in Savar, burgeoned from four patients to a sprawling haven, transforming countless lives and bringing hope and happiness to all.

Valerie's humility is heart-warming, inspirational and akin to a modern-day saint, which echoes in her words: "I'm just plain old Valerie Taylor," rejecting honors for her noble mission's sake.

A living testament to selfless service, she navigates humility's path, indifferent to personal acclaim and bequests a lesson to all of us.

Valerie Ann Taylor deserves all the credit she ‘s been given and considerably more. She’s been short-changed, but not by Sir Frank who’s emptied his heart to her. I pray to almighty Allah for her happiness, good health and a long life.

On behalf of the differently abled in Bangladesh, thank you Ms. Valerie.

Sincerely yours,

Abid Nur