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Salute to all Freedom Fighters

Readers’ corner 2024-03-10, 1:29pm


Sir Frank Peters.

It’s only right and proper that Bangabandhu’s speech of March 7, 1971 is given local and international recognition. It deserves it. To me, it’s another Rabindranath Tagore like brilliant piece of writing that will live on and continue to inspire through the oncoming generations.

While I hold no aspirations to have been in Bangladesh during the bloody struggle for independence in 1971, I would have cherished being among the two million people who listened to the speech as it was delivered over the tannoy system. I can only imagine the experience to be awesome and unforgettable.

Popular expatriate Sir Frank Peters masterly described the speech as ‘The speech that impregnated the minds of millions and Bangladesh was conceived’. I had never seen it described like that before, so fresh, so different, and so accurate after much repeated sameness over the years.

In his excellent report Sir Frank also underlined another valid point, which many of us had forgotten or paid little heed.  He said it would be a grave injustice if honour, respect, and gratitude were not extended to all freedom fighters – both living and dead – who made this day (our independence) possible.

He went on to say: ‘Their past has given us our present and the only dead freedom fighters of Bangladesh are those who are forgotten’. The latter must never happen.

While many of the freedom fighters are still with us, we ought take the opportunity to thank and salute them more often. Appreciation is always best served hot. I salute them now.


Prof. Abid Kabir,