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Political varsity students are mere pawns

Readers’ corner 2024-04-22, 12:54am


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Three cheers to GreenWatch and Sir Frank Peters for making public what countless families have been thinking, but were too shy or too timid to say for years.

I’m referring, of course, to his awesome report about politics having no place in holy mosques, the Supreme Court, or in universities”.

There have been countless reports over the years about the incorrigible, shameful political influences within our varsity system. To the best of my recollection, however, this is the first time anyone has gone outside the campus grounds and spoken about it from the viewpoint of the student’s parents and how the student’s time-wasting exercises affect them, especially financially.

Not only does he clearly state why political influence should never be allowed within the varsity system, but he also castigates any student who does not study sincerely and wastes his or her parents’ hard-earned money. Well said!

It was a pleasure and revelation to read. Someone looked at the situation logically, humanly, and called a spade a spade, which should have been done decades ago. Students involved with university politics are no more than pawns in the chess game played by politicians on the outside.

To protect the interests of the low-income earning parents and safeguard the investment they accumulated by the sweat of their brow, there should be no politics whatsoever permitted in universities, except through official political courses.

By definition, university students are expected to demonstrate exemplary behaviour, as they do overseas, and not outlandish, misguided, misbehaviour, as many do here.

Yours sincerely.

Dr. Ali M. Aziz