Friday , May 29 2020
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Rosatom uses radiation to sterilise medical masks

Rosatom uses radiation to sterilise medical masks

Sterion, a part of Rusatom Healthcare, has signed a contract with Delrus to sterilize more than 58 million medical masks using radiation technology. Rusatom Healthcare is a concern of Russia's state atomic energy corporation Rosatom while Delrus supplies sterile masks to Russian medical facilities. Masks need to be sterilised before use because their inner lining comes in contact with users' mucous membranes.
According to Rosatom CEO Alexey Likhachev, sterilisation using radiation technology ensures that medical equipment is processed safely and efficiently, which is especially important during ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
Sterion has already processed the first batch of 92,000 masks. The enterprise is now working round-the-clock, which enables it to sterilise up to 10 million marks per week.
Alexander Shibanov, CEO of Rusatom Healthcare informed that “Other Rosatom and non-Rosatom enterprises involved in the sterilisation of medical devices have already been enlisted in this endeavour.”
Sterion specialises in sterilising medical supplies using specialised equipment- Linear Electron Accelerator. Sterilisation is achieved by targeting medical products loaded onto a conveyor belt with a beam of accelerated electrons. This method allows for effective and safe sterilisation of medical supplies without the need to unpack them from the shipping containers. – Press release