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Some army men indulged in graft during CG rule: TIB

A section of the Armed Forces indulged in corruption and abuse of power to accumulate wealth during the 2007-08 caretaker government regime, according to a Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) research.

The Armed Forces personnel got involved in violation of constitution, laws and human rights; exercising influence in different sectors and establishing control over mass media for personal gain, said the TIB research on military role during the 2007-08 caretaker government regime.

“The post 1/11 military-backed caretaker government was an accident in the country’s democratic process,” TIB chairperson, Sultana Kamal, said Wednesday while briefing newsmen on the research at Brac Centre Inn in the capital.

Sharing her experience as an adviser to the caretaker government, she said that lobbying for undue favour, as happens during the rule of various political governments, also took place during the military-backed caretaker government.

The TIB has no grudge against the Armed Forces because the forces are run by the sons and citizens of this soil, Sultana Kamal said. “But what we expect is that they should remain devoted to their designated duties to ensure the defence of the country.”

M Hafizuddin Khan, a former chairman of the TIB, also questioned the involvement of army in regular trade and business.

“The Armed Forces’ involvement in regular trades and businesses is not acceptable because it is not their designated duty. Their duty is to defend the country’s sovereignty,” he said.

TIB executive director, Dr Iftekharuzzaman, talked about some achievements of the armed forces during their rule in 2007-08.

He appreciated the army for its role in separating the judiciary from the executive and completing the project on national voter ID cards with photographs. He also hailed army role in UN peacekeeping mission and during natural disasters.

But it is a general perception that a section of the Armed Forces was involved in corruption in promotion and transfer though there is no allegation regarding the process of their recruitment, he added.


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