Wednesday , January 22 2020
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Wheelchair cricket
Wheelchair cricket ... Photo courtesy

Wheelchair cricket

Abdus Sattar Dulal

In Bangladesh persons with different types of disability run wheelchairs crickets that not just sports of disabled persons. If we think and analyse then we find it is not only sports, it is more than sports in Bangladesh that is contributing to increasing commitment of all people especially responsible parties to do good things, engage them to do things for many people who need their supports and cooperation.
It is also increasing values-focus impact indirectly that reducing the unacceptable and unethical concept, discrimination, inhuman work, barriers and lack of fundamental rights.
The performance of disabled persons and their conditions help our society including responsible persons of the society to realize what is a real sense what they doing in-country with citizens tax and what is their contributions to citizens living and what they should do more and what changes require in their role and responsibilities.
It was an honour for me to attend and open the competition and also prize handing over ceremony.
I congratulate my disabled cricketers including users of wheelchair and I am proud of them. I wish Allah help them to continue as change-makers in our country.  – BPKS

Wheelchair cricket2. Photo. court2esy