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0.5mn BD students drop out at Junior Secondary Level in 3 years


Dhaka – Over five lakh students have dropped out in the last three years before attending the Junior School Certificate (JSC) and equivalent examinations this year.
The dropout rate is not decreasing despite providing free textbooks, stipends and additional classes in English and mathematics.
Experts said the reasons behind the dropout may be because of economic and social reasons and lack of coordination of the curriculum between primary and secondary level.The students who took part in the Primary Education Completion (PEC) examinations in 2013 would take in the JSC and equivalent examinations this year on November 1.
A total of 29,50,193 students sit for the PEC examinations three years ago in 2013.
Education minister Nurul Islam Nahid on Sunday at a press conference said this year a total of 24,10,015 examinees would take part in JSC and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examinations in 2734 centres on November 1 under education board.
Of the examinees, 11,23,162 are male students and 12,86,853 are female students. The number of female students is higher compared to the male students. The increased number of female students are 1,63,691.
Under the eight general education board, there are 20,35,543 examinees. Of them, 9,47,933 are male students and 10,87,610 are female students.
Under the Madrasa Education Board, there are 3,74,472 examinees. Of them, 1,75,219 are male students and 1,99,243 female students.
As per the information of the education minister, a total of 5,40,078 students dropped out from education with a percentage of 18.30.
The government took various initiatives like distributing free textbooks and stipend to stop drop out.
Besides, additional classes for English and Mathematics have been taken in 535 educational institutions in 125 upazilas of 61 districts with the assistance of the World Bank. But the dropout rate is not decreasing. – Staff Reporter


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