Business boosts for better animal hide price in N'dists

Business boosts for better animal hide price in N’dists


The hide traders have expressed satisfaction over the boosting business of sacrificial animal hides as a result of higher market price everywhere in the northern districts this year, market sources said.At the same time, the seasonal ‘fariahs’ and hide traders are earning profits this time following higher price with huge demand of the sacrificial animal hides through selling their purchased hides to the bigger traders, ‘arats’ and merchants.
According to market sources in different northern districts, there are adequate supplies of hides and skins as the people sacrificed more animals following reachable animal price.
This time, the small-scale seasonal hide and skin traders maintained contacts with the big buyers at the ‘arats’ to get clear idea about the latest hide price fixed in Dhaka by the tannery owners, exporters and big merchants following government directions.
The bigger hide and skin traders appreciated various efforts of the present government to create congenial situation through increasing skin price considering the prevailing huge demand and positive signals from the international markets.
Talking to BSS, President of Rangpur Skin Traders Association Abdul Latif Khan and its General Secretary Azgar Ali expressed satisfaction over market situation despite capitals shortage as demand of the commodity in the global markets has increased now.
Nearly Taka 16 crore of 200 bigger hide and skin traders and aratdars of greater Rangpur alone have been lying dues with the tannery owners at Dhaka for years together causing capital shortage to run the business.
The country is yet to have a time befitting hide and skin policy when China, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, The Netherlands and other countries are showing keen interests for investing in the prospective hide and skin industry sector, they added.
They asked the concerned law enforcing agencies for further strengthening the special steps taken to prevent smuggling of animal hides by some ‘organised syndicates of smugglers’ as hide and skin price is even higher in the neighbouring country.
Bigger hide and skin traders Abdul Khaleque of Nilphamari, Abdus Sobhan of Dinajpur,  Abul Hossain of Panchagarh and Abul Khayer of Rangpur said they are purchasing limited quantity of skins as crores of taka of the past is still lying due with the merchants and tanneries in Dhaka.
Some 15 lakh pieces of animal hides are being supplied to the ‘arats’ and ‘godowns’ in the northern region this time and those are now being processed by the big traders before sending those to the tanneries and bigger traders in Dhaka from the northern region.
The big hide and skin traders in the ‘arats’ are purchasing hides of cows from the small and seasonal traders at rates between Taka 1,500 and 2,500 depending on size and few extra large sized hides are being purchased at up to Taka 3,000 this time, they said. – BSS,


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