Akram hints at national polls after April 28 city election

Akram hints at national polls after April 28 city election


Kazi Akam Hossain, president of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry has hinted that a general election enlisting the participation of all political parties is expected soon after the city elections in Dhaka and Chitagong scheduled for 28 April next.Speaking at a programme of the American Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday the head of Bangladesh’s premier business chamber who is also known for his closeness to the ruling Awami League party said the business community was trying to restore normalcy in the country and said he believed they would be successful.

Business leaders who took part in the discussion on ‘the state of business in Bangladesh’ said that they had lost their confidence to do business because of the unfavourabe law and order conditions. Due to political unrest invesment has gone down. Import has been affected and with it all related business activities.

President of AmCham, Aftabul Islam, said business activities cannot be carried out normally in an atmosphere of threats, murders and abductions.

President of the Inernational Chamber of Commerce and Indusry (ICC) Mahbubur Rahman told the meeting that democracy needed an environment of adjustment and tolerance.  He said that business leaders should be allowed to do business in peace in the interest of country’s development.

Kazi Akram Hossain assured the business leaders that they were trying their best and hoped they would be successful. – News Desk



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