Asaduzzaman smells Mossad link to BD killings

Asaduzzaman smells Mossad link to BD killings


Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan on Monday hinted at the involvement of Israeli secret service agency Mossad with the recent killings in Bangladesh.He thinks that the serial killings in Bangladesh are part of an international conspiracy, reports the BBC Bangla.“A foreign intelligence agency has got involved with it. It has initiated a new drive,” the minister said.

Asaduzzaman came up with the claim a day after the wife of a senior police official and a Christian missionary were killed in Chittagong and Natore respectively.Blaming the BNP-Jamaat clique for the murders, Asaduzzaman said, “We’ve identified that those who were Shibir men have turned into Huji (Harkatul Jihad) activists…they’re JMB, Ansarullah Bangla Team. They’re carrying out the killings using different names at different times.”Referring to the meeting of BNP leader Aslam Chowdhury with Israeli citizen Mendi Safadi, he said a plot is on to make Bangladesh a dysfunctional country.


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