BNP accuses govt of detaining its leaders in fabricated casees

BNP accuses govt of detaining its leaders in fabricated casees


BNP on Sunday alleged that the government is running the country undemocratically adopting a lopsided policy.

“Giving up democratic attitude, the current regime is governing the country following a unilateral policy,” said BNP spokesman Asaduzzaman Ripon in a statement.The statement was issued protesting what the party said unjustly implicating three Patuakhali BNP leaders in a murder case.

The party alleged that its Patuakhali district vice president Maksud Ahmed Bayezid Panna, joint general secretary Abdur Rab Howlader and the district’s Itbaria unit BNP general secretary Shah Alam Kazi were implicated in the murder case of Itbaria union’s youth Masud Madbar who had been hacked to death by criminals.

Ripon strongly denounced the government’s move. “It won’t be possible to destroy the country’s biggest political party BNP by arresting its leaders and activists, filing false cases against them and torturing them.”

He said the government is also killing them and making them disappeared apart from arresting BNP men and torturing them.

Ripon warned the government that the country will plunge into a serious uncertainty if the government does not shun its repressive acts and snatching people’s basic rights.

He demanded the government withdraw the ‘false and conspiratorial case’ against the three Patuakhali BNP leaders.- UNB



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