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Bnp activists fill jails for no crime, AL workers unchecked: Bnp


BNP yesterday complained that the law and order has been deteriorating day by day as there is no government with accountability.
“Ruling party people are spared even they are involved in criminal activities but the opposition leaders and activists are poured into jails despite not committing crimes,” said BNP international affairs secretary Dr Asaduzzaman Ripon while addressing a press conference at party headquarters at Purana Paltan in the city.The BNP leader said the reported gang rap of a police woman by her colleagues proved that how the law and order situation has been deteriorating.
“When those supposed to provide security are involved in such heinous activities then there is nothing to do,” he said demanding exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of the incident.
Ripon alleged that a vested quarter are trying to cover up Bakhtiar Rana, son of MP, who is allegedly involved two murders in the city.
He said the January 5 “voter less” is responsible for the current situation. “Such incident could not had been occurred if there is an elected government,” he added.
Meanwhile, a group of youths yesterday beat a BNP leader at party central office.
The incident took place at third floor of the party headquarters in the afternoon.
Some employees of the party office said that BNP assistant organizing secretary Abdus Salam Azad was staying at Juba Dal office. “All on a sudden a group of youths entered the room and attacked on him. They managed to escape after beating him,” said one of the employees.
Salam, who was appointed as assistant organizing secretary after the death of Abdus Salam Pintu, was admitted to Islmai Bank Hospital with his head injury. – Staff Reporter


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