CIS- Islamic Banking and Finance Forum May 02 in Tashkent

‘CIS- Islamic Banking and Finance Forum May 02 in Tashkent


AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking & Economics is going to organize the ‘CIS- Islamic Banking and Finance Forum’ on May 02, 2019 with Two Days Post Event Workshop on ‘’Islamic Banking, Takaful and Islamic Microfinance’’ dated May 03 -04, 2019 at Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
AlHuda CIBE (Center of Islamic Banking & Economics) is also going to organize “CIS Islamic Banking and Finance Awards 2019” which will be scheduled on 2nd May 2019 at Tashkent, Uzbekistan during the Forum.
CIS Islamic Banking and Finance Awards 2019 aims to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals and institutions within the Islamic finance industry locally and globally.
The objective of this forum is to promote and recognize the awareness of Islamic banking and finance as a sustainable financial solution for CIS countries.
CIS- Islamic Banking and Finance Forum 2019 is the gathering of : Heads, Managing Directors and CEOs of commercial and Islamic banks and Islamic financial institutions, Retail, Corporate, SME and Treasury Bankers, Business Development Managers, Heads of Research and Development, Financial Consultants, Unit Trust Agents and Insurance/Takaful Agents, Brokers of bonds and Sukuk, Fund Managers and Selectors, Financial Consultants and Advisors, Government Officials and Representatives, Economists and Policy Makers, Stock Brokers and Shareholders, Financial Market Regulators, Business Analysts and Business, Development Managers, Financial Controllers and Account Managers, Academia and Researchers, and Media


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