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Country on the highway of plunder, not dev – says BNP


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has tried to make a fool of the people through ‘exaggerated publicity of development’ in her televised address to the nation, says the BNP.Its Standing Committee member Abdul Moyeen Khan said on Wednesday, “We don’t know if Bangladesh is on the development highway. But there is no doubt that it is on the highway of pillage.”
Khan’s statement came at a press conference convened at the BNP chief’s office at Dhaka’s Gulshan to give the party’s official reaction to the prime minister’s speech.
BNP Acting Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir also spoke at the press conference.
The prime minister addressed the nation on Tuesday to mark the second anniversary of her government.
She termed Bangladesh a role model of development for the rest of the world and said the country was now on the highway to development. – Agrncies


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