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Crane collapse on Haram Sharif sends shock wave to Dhaka


The death of 107 pilgrims and injury of about 300 others in a crane collapse on Haram Sharif in Makkah on Friday has come as a great shock to the leaders in Bangladesh, and anxiety to the people who have their relatives on pilgrimage in Makkah about their safety.Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in a statement expressed her deep shock at the death and injury of people in the crane collapse, prayed for the salvation of the deceased pilgrims and sympathised with the families of the injured.
Bnp chief Begum Khaleda Zia in a similar statement expressed her sorrows over the deaths and injuries in the crane collapse and conveyed her firm belief that the Saudi government would be able to deal with crisis.
In similar statements issued to the press Adv Abdur Raquib, president, and Abul Latif Nizami, scretary general of Nezam-e-Islam Party, the Pir Shaheb of Charmonai Mufti Syed Muftmmad Rezaul Karim expressed their deep shock at the deaths and injuried caused in the accident, prayed for the salvation of the dead and quick recovery of the injured. News Desk


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