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Create opportunity for emerging student leaders


There is no Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (DUCSU) election for 27 years though it is a nursing ground of for preparing national leaders of the country. Not only DUCSU election, other university students’ union elections do the same but none of these elections is being held for a long time.We expected that soon after coming to power of the Awami League, they will work for students’ union elections in all the public universities but they did nothing. Not only that when a student, Walid Asraf fasted for DUCSU election little heed was paid to the demand.
DUCSU election was held last under the Ershad regime though his was an autocratic government whereas AL is called a democratic government.
We urge the AL government and concerned authorities to hold DUCSU election as soon as possible.
Mawduda Hasnin
Mawduda Hasnin <>


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