DRU resents GP's inability to offer best reporter award

DRU resents GP’s inability to offer best reporter award


Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU), the only organisation of reporters working in different print, electronic and online media, and news agency based in Dhaka, yesterday alleged that Grameen Phone authority has cheated with DRU in its inability to provide its prestigious Best Reporting Award this year at the last movement.
“When we were taking preparation to call for submission of reports for DRU-GP best award, the authority all on a sudden informed DRU that they cannot patronise the award anymore which we only can call as cheating with the prestigious organisation of reporters,” said a statement of DRU.The statement jointly signed by DRU president Shakhawat Hossain Badsha and general secretary Elias Hossain observed that the GP has the right to cancel its offer to patronise for DRU-GP best reporting award as they did for the past two years but they cannot do it at the last moment.
The DRU leaders mentioned that they communicated with the concerned GP officials including newly appointed Media and Communications official several times but the GP authority refused to finance the award after six months which pushed the DRU, an organisation of about 14,00 reporters in an awkward situation.
The DRU executive committee condemned the GP for such whimsical decision in pretext of loss on its telecom business. – Staff Reporter


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