European Union releases EUR 10.5 million for Primary Education | Greenwatch Dhaka | The leading online daily of Bangladesh

European Union releases EUR 10.5 million for Primary Education


The European Union announces the release of EUR 10.5 million to the primary education sector of Bangladesh through its Sector Budget Support operation. This is the Third Tranche payment of the EUR 51 million EU’s contribution to the Primary Education Development Programme (PEDP3).Education and skills development are key driving forces for Bangladesh’s economic growth and social development. Bangladesh has one of the largest education systems in the world with over 30 million students enrolled from pre-school to higher education institutions. Over the last 15 years, the European Union has been one of the largest partners of the Government and civil society for the education sector policy development and implementation. Primary education will remain a priority for the EU-Bangladesh partnership in the coming years with an emphasis on quality and inclusiveness.
The EU underlines the importance to further increase the efforts of the Government in the sector to ensure high quality primary education, leaving no children behind. – Press release


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