French presidential race Sunday offers challenge

French presidential race Sunday offers challenge


A comparison of the positions of the two remaining candidates for France’s presidency shows that they take significantly different positions on human rights at home and abroad, Human Rights Watch said today

“Looking closely at the positions and statements of Le Pen and Macron indicates they would take very different approaches to human rights as president of France,” said Bénédicte Jeannerod, France director at Human Rights Watch. “We believe it is important for voters to consider both candidates’ positions on key human rights issues, so they can be aware of the impact the candidates’ positions will have on human rights and use that information when they cast their votes on May 7.”

Human Rights Watch sent a questionnaire to all the candidates in the first round seeking responses to a range of human rights issues. The comparison is based on the responses of Emmanuel Macron to those questions and other public statements, and on public statements by Marine Le Pen on the same issues. Le Pen did not reply to the Human Rights Watch questionnaire.

The comparative table looks at the position of the candidates on: police identity checks; the state of emergency and counterterrorism in France; access to asylum; the role of the EU in human rights; human rights in relations with the United States, Russia, Saudi Arabia and China; the situation in Syria; French military intervention in Africa; and the fight against impunity for international crimes.


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