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Government less attentive to education


There are one thousand and seven hundred teaching positions which are lying vacant in three hundred and thirty three government secondary schools across the country for a long time. The number of government secondary schools is insignificant but the number of vacant teaching positions is very alarming. There are 204 teaching positions of Math and 272 positions of English in 333 government schools. We see mostly the poor background candidates are recruited in the non-government secondary schools in exchange of huge money given to the members of a party as they the chair Shool Managing Committees. However, we cannot find any concern from the government rather all the ministers, MPs and party members reiterate significant developments in education. The finance minister is the lone exception. My question: Is it possible to have quality education without teachers and quality teachers? The government neither recruited teachers in government schools nor established a PSC for recruiting quality teachers in non-government secondary schools.
The posts of 300 Headteachers in government primary schools in Jessore are vacant for a long time. The scenario may be the same or worse in the rest of districts in the country.
On the other hand the government is recruiting people is security services quickly and even by creating posts for them.
Does it mean government is concerned about the quality education?
Mawduda Hasnin


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