"Grammen Narira Shohora Kmon Asa" by BD Human Rights Imp Association

“Grammen Narira Shohora Kmon Asa” by BD Human Rights Imp Association


Ninety three percent women who have come from different villages of the country want to go back villages if minimum facilities especially the surety of the work places and the sources of income can be ensured then they would like to shifted to the villages.Bangladesh Human Rights implementation Association on Thursday delivered a report on ‘Grammen Narira Shohora Kmon Asa’ where most of the women who have been living in the different slums with their family think that though facilities are available in the city life comparing to the rural, mental satisfaction is absent here.
BHRIA (Bangladesh Human Rights Implementation Association) published the report marking the 15th ‘World Rural women Day’ at a press conference and also as a part of a project named SCWHR with the help of ‘Manusher Jonno Foundation’ at the BHRIA building in the city.
The report says that work facilities are very available in the city both men and women where they could manage a work place but foods are very much contaminated here.
Besides educational institutions are ample that is why they can send their children in different educational institution as per they can afford.
In the city women are conscious about their rights and early marriage is very few in number as women can express their opinion freely.
On the other hand in the city medical treatment is available as various government and non-government medical hospitals are situated here.
Expressing various difficulties of city life they said that various kinds of drugs are available in the city as result children have a possibility to drug addiction which is really alarming.
Participating women from different slums in the city said that to preserve women rights in rural area more initiatives have to be taken. Only then women will be able to lead a peaceful life in the villages.
Shuili Begum who lives in kollanpur slum said that in the villages women have to face a lot of difficulties from the families as well as the society.
Most of the families do not want to permit their women to work in the outdoor.
“But if the women can get the work permit in the rural area most of us prefer to live in the villages” she said.
While speaking there Ad. Sigma Huda founding president of BHRIA said that in the rural area both men and women of the families have to counseling so that woemn could lead their life on their chosen way.
If we want to lives in the villages first of all we have to connect the entire family member so that women can focus themselves in their work places.
The report was prepared by questioning sixty women of different slums of the city about their opinion about city and rural life.

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