Heated debate in JS over 'move' to withdraw 'politically motivated' cases

Heated debate in JS over ‘move’ to withdraw ‘politically motivated’ cases


Opposition MP Pir Fazlur Rahman and Chief Whip ASM Feroz on Thursday locked horns in Parliament over the government’s ‘move’ to withdraw 206 more ‘politically motivated’ cases.

Jatiya Party MP Fazlur Rahman referred to a newspaper report that the government has recommended withdrawing a total of 206 cases, including 34 killing ones.

The other cases were filed on charges of rape, sabotage, bribery, embezzlement of government money, robbery, possessing illegal arms, black marketing, abduction, forgery, theft and bombing, he said, adding that 150 of the cases were filed by different government agencies during the two consecutive tenures of the Awami League government.

“All are surprised at how the government can call the cases filed by itself ‘political harassment cases’… If the killing cases are withdrawn on consideration of political harassment, how the children and families of the victims will get justice,” he said.

Fazlur Rahman said if the cases are withdrawn on political consideration, it will go against the principle of natural justice.

He noted that the government in its previous 2009-2013 tenure recommended withdrawing 7,158 cases fully or partially on political consideration. Of them, many cases have already been withdrawn, he added.

Following his claim, Deputy Speaker Fazle Rabbi Miah who was in the chair said the government can withdraw any case if there is any reasonable ground.

“If the government wants to withdraw any case, it needs to place its recommendation through the public prosecutor before the court concerned. But it’s not mandatory for the court to withdraw any case following the government’s recommendation. The court is very active. If the court passes any judgment, it’s mandatory for both you and the government to abide by it.”

At this stage, Chief Whip ASM Feroz took the floor and criticised the opposition MP for bringing such allegation only on the basis of the newspaper report, saying there is no scope of examining authenticity of the report.

“It’s in no way acceptable to make a statement only based on the media report. I hope the Home Minister will make a statement under section 300 of the rules of procedure on the issue when he comes to Parliament,” he said.

The chief whip said the AL government believes in the rules of law. “Awmi League didn’t do anything that goes against the people’s interest and won’t do so in future as well.”


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