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Human rights have gone below zero in Bangladesh: Khaleda


Human rights in Bangladesh have ‘sunk below zero’, Khaleda Zia has said, expressing her concern.
The BNP chairperson urged everyone to unite to ‘restore’ democracy and take the nation out of the current situation.
She made this appeal on Wednesday in a statement issued on the eve the UN’s World Human Rights Day on Thursday.
“Bangladesh is passing through a terrible time. The country has been turned into a killing ground after the one-sided election of Jan 5, 2014.”She alleged the government was repressing her party’s leaders and workers.
“Those in power have robbed the people of their democratic rights through limitless bloodshed and reckless torture and repression.
“It seems people’s human rights are being trampled on all 365 days [of the year]. Human rights have fallen below zero in Bangladesh.” She alleged that not just leaders and workers of opposition parties but journalists, rights activists, teachers, students, workers, women, children, too, lacked security.
“Most of them are being made to disappear, abducted and killed, and are becoming targets of extrajudicial killings.”
Khaleda said people must unite to end the ‘misrule’.
The statement, signed by the BNP’s International Affairs Secretary Asaduzzaman Ripon, expressed solidarity with people fighting for fundamental and human rights across the world. – Agency


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