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Indicure helps reach best medical facility!


Nowadays, many patients of our country travel to India, Bangkok, Singapore for better medical treatment. In most cases, these patients could not get better result from treatments in home or non-availability of advanced treatment options for certain diseases and disorders.Meanwhile, a huge number of patients from our country go to India for medical treatment. But not all the hospitals offer treatment for all the medical problems; there are specialized and multi-specialty hospitals for wide range of treatments. And to reach the appropriate facility, it is perhaps wise to look for the appropriate hospital and doctors with the help of some genuine medical tourism agencies. A number of medical tourism companies are operating. In case of my patient, I took the help of a Mumbai-based Indian international medical tourism agency—“Indicure”. They have greatly helped me to get my patient’s medical history reviewed by leading doctors in best hospitals in India with treatment options and cost estimate of course free of charge. Indicure helps patient to secure appropriate treatment, follow-ups and all other matters relating to travel and stay in India. I must acknowledge the name of one lady—Ms. Annu Puri of Indicure who accepted all the trouble to answering my queries with the help of concerned doctors relating to my patient’s treatment. Even after the surgery of my patient, Dr. Ruchika Malhotra, a representative of Indicure, Delhi came to our guest house in Gurgaon to see our condition and to enquire about the post-surgery follow-up. Still they are in touch to get monitoring. We are indeed thankful and grateful to them and to the Indicure.
With a view to help our Bangladeshi patients get their medical cases reviewed/assessed, I would like to mention here the email of Indicure: Detail information regarding Indicure may be obtained by visiting their website:
Yours truly,
Professor M Zahidul Haque
Department of Agricultural Extension & Information System
Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University


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