JP won't join polls sans major parties, reiterates Ershad

JP won’t join polls sans major parties, reiterates Ershad


Reaffirming his stance over the next general election, Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad on Wednesday said his party will not take part in the polls if the major political parties boycott it.   “The major political parties aren’t willing to join the polls under the current regime… therefore, Jatiya Party won’t participate in the general election if all other parties skip it,” he said.
The former president came up with the remarks while addressing the Sylhet district unit Jatiya Party’s biennial council at the Registry Ground in the city. Ershad, a key leader of the Awami League-led grand alliance, said Jatiya Party, the country’s third biggest political party, thinks that a fair election is not possible if the current regime stays in office during the polls.
Referring to the Supreme Court verdict against Jamaat leader Abdul Quader Mollah, the former military ruler said, “Bringing a change to the law after pronouncement of the verdict is unprecedented in the history of the world.” He continued, “The government has decided to hang these accused in the cases of crimes against humanity. We would like to say if you want to hang them, hang ordinarily.
But you, please, don’t stage dramas in the name of law.” Declaring again to contest the next election independently, the JP chief said they will independently join the election if it is held in a free and fair manner with the participation of all parties.
“If people give their verdict in favour of us, we’ll win… We’ll rather face big challenge and hurdle but won’t serve any one’s interests,” he told his cheering party leaders and activists.   Mentioning that the country is now divided into two groups — believers and atheist, Ershad said those who created this division he is not with them. “I’m in support of Islam, not atheist.”
He also condemned and protested the indecent derogatory remarks about Allah and His prophet by atheists and demanded the government punish them. Ershad alleged that none of the government figures dared to speak against those denigrated the religion rather they took position in favour of the atheists.
Chaired by district JP convener Selim Uddin, the programme was addressed, among others, by JP secretary general Ruhul Amin Hawladrer, presidium members Kazi Zafar Ahmed, Kazi Firoj Rashid and Ziauddin Bablu. – UNB


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