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JS session adjourned for lack of speakers


Dhaka – Deputy Speaker Fazle Rabbi Miah was forced on Wednesday to adjourn the Parliament session at 12:15pm for lack of speakers on the proposed budget for 2016-17 fiscal year.
On the very first day of the general discussion on the proposed budget, Wednesday’s sitting concluded two hours after the day’s business started with the Deputy Speaker in the chair.

Adjourning the session till 10:30 am on Thursday next, Fazle Rabbi said, “I’m informing with a great sorrow that no name from the opposition MPs was submitted for joining the discussion today. Many ruling party MPs are present in the House, but not willing to deliver speech as well. So, I’m compelled to adjourn the session at 12.15pm.”
Pointing at the MPs, he said a total of 45 hours were fixed for the general discussion on the proposed budget. “If you want to join it at the end of the discussion, I think that it won’t be possible to allocate much time as per your desire (to make speech).”
Some 10 hours are allocated for opposition MPs, while the rest of the time is for ruling party MPs and independent MPs, he added.
As per rules, ruling party and opposition party whips submitted the names of participants to the Speaker. The whips also fixed the time for the participants. Following the list, the Speaker asked the MPs to make their statements.


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