Khaleda reiterates demand for army deployment in city polls

Khaleda reiterates demand for army deployment in city polls


Bnp chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia on Sunday termed Election Commissions latest decision about army deployment for the city elections in Dhaka and Chittagong is deceptive snd reiterated her party and alliance demand for deployment of the army to ensure peaceful polling.

Addressing a press conference at her Gulshan party office Khaleda alleged that police was harassing Bnp-backed candidates and their supporters in the two cities. She saiid due to AL’s misrule the people have turned their back to those in power and would stage a silent revolution in the city election if peaceful polling was ensured.

She said her party decided to take part in the elections because of the confidence the people reposed in the party. The people would a silent revolution if they get the opportunity. He urged the rerisdents of Dhaka and Chittagong to vote for 20-Party-backed candidates.

Demanding punishment of those responsible for sexual harassment of women on the Pahela Baishakh Bangla New Year’s Day, she said those who cannot ensure security of social programmes, and not respect women should feel ashamed leave power by asking the people to forgive them.

She said that the bank dacoity at Ashulia was the glaring exmple of the present state of things. Khaleda asserted that there was mass resurgence in support of her pary and aliance which hs baffled those in the corrridors of power.

Referring to the recent attacks on her motorcade Khaleda said she was the victim of the politics of intolerence. She said she was deeply hurt by the way the Prime Minister destribed the attacks as drama, and the descrition of the attack by the state minister for home affairs.

Khaleda said that the central leaders of the Bangladesh Chhatra League fully took part in those attacks while the police lent them full upport.

Terming the AL as the promotor of terrism-based bad politics Khaleda said that the people have turned thier faces away from the AL because of untrue publicity from the Prime Minister.


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