Mother milk project starts

Mother milk project starts


icddr,b, in collaboration with Interfab Shirt Manufacturing Limited (ISML), on Thursday launched ‘Mother’s Milk project’ which will enable women to take home pasteurized breast milk that stays safe for eight hours.This will provide nutrition for their children while they are at work, as well as help them to save money by reducing their reliance on formula or solid food.

In her opening address at the launching event icddr,b scientist Dr Sabrina Rasheed said, “Working mothers are aware of the importance of breastfeeding but most of them do not have the opportunity to feed their children due to time constraints.”

To help address the breastfeeding challenges faced by low-income working women in urban Dhaka, Dr Rasheed teamed up with students from the University of Toronto, Canada to create a prototype pasteurisation machine that increases the shelf life of breast milk for regions like Bangladesh where refrigeration is not always available.

The team have now installed it, along with ten breast pumps, at Interfab’s garments factory in Gazipur.

Dr Rasheed said, “With the help of the milk pasteurisation machine, designed and developed at a low cost by the University of Toronto, every working mother should be able to breastfeed their children.”

The Mother’s Milk project aims to raise awareness and interest within the country on ways to support working mothers as they return to work after birth.


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